Monday, October 11, 2010

chocolate pecan pie, with stars for Christmas

I had the recipes for Christmas, so here's the first: a copycat recipe of chocolate pecan pie from Cracker Barrel to which I referred in a previous post .

The version I found was for 3 pecan pie, so the scale for one, and use as a base recipe for the cake Daring Bakers challenge of pasta Frola .

The truth is that miniature as I did is complicated because it takes so much honey / syrup, which bubbled in the oven too, and there are likely to spill over the ramekins ... were equally delicious! And there were so wrong ...
Obviously to eat large portions, you should leave for the winter, but with a scoop of good vanilla ice cream (maybe homemade?) and served in the restaurant is super digestible in summer too.
Like, who are we kidding? We can not celebrate either Christmas or New Year without the inherited European traditions: fresh bread, nougat and nuts ... therefore, this is a good version not leave out the nuts.

Cracker Barrel chocolate pecan pie (adapted from a recipe BigOven ) Ingredients 1 pie crust disk 110 grams of items pecans  3 eggs 120 grams sugar 70 grams melted butter 1 pinch salt 1 cup of kero (or honey) 110 grams of chocolate chips Procedure 1. Preheat oven to medium / low (140 degrees C) 2. Place dough in greased pie plate, and on it placed 3 / 4 of the chocolate chips and pecans. 3. Mix the eggs with the sugar, butter, salt and kero with wire whisk until mixture is smooth. 4. Pour this mixture over the cake ready. 5. Place the remaining chocolate over the mixture. 6. Aprocimadamente Cook 40 minutes, until filling is browned.

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